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Monday, February 2nd, 2009
8:05 am
Relaxing Night with Out of Town Friend
sfleatherbear  and I had a great dinner with the amazing bjarvis  last night at Firewood.  We had a great night of conversation and friendship, and I was able to still stick to the diet!   We got him off to BART in time to get him to Caltrain and then onto his hotel.   It was so nice to finally to get to know Brian after all these years!    

Current Mood: happy
Saturday, January 31st, 2009
6:21 pm
Back from the Dead, but more of a Library Geek than Ever!
I know it has been 21 weeks since I last posted.  I did not feel I had anything of interest to post, so I didn't. 

(Warning:  Library Geekgasm in process.) 

Last week I was in Denver for an American Library Association conference.  The amazing Paul Weiss asked me to attend last year at the SF A/C weekend.  He is a cataloger himself, as was our other two roommates.  They were afraid I would be bored with all the cataloging talk, since I am a reference librarian.  Before the conference, I was doubting that I even wanted to be a librarian any longer.  My work situation sucked and was getting worse and I had major doubts about my abilities and even interest in the field.  Well, this week in Denver changed all that.  I attended sessions about improving interlibrary loan services and the current situation of RDA, Resource Description and Access, the successor to AACR2, cataloging rules.  I was with my own kind again; those who would be interested in all this and who did not need all the acronyms spelled out.  I was able to resuscitate my inner library geek and let him out.  To cut to the chase, I am adding cataloging to my skill set, not just because it will add a few lines to my resume, but because I am honestly interested in it.   In library school that taught us that public services, reference librarians and technical services, catalogers, could never mix.  That Mars and Venus thing.  But I am trying to bridge the gap, and am loving the learning curve.   

So, I am excited about being a librarian again and look forward to all the learning I have ahead of me and to what career choices I will have in the future.  It won't be easy, but know it is worth it.  I have definitely made a great new group of friends in the process so far, and it has only been a week!

I plan to post more in the future, though it will be more library related, as that is my revived passion.

Oh, for those who made it this far, I want to say how grateful I am for my loving hubby and all he has done for me and for his continued support.  I have been very blessed to have him in my life.
Monday, September 1st, 2008
9:10 pm
A Quiet Labor Day
Last night we had a great dinner at Cove with nanocub  and two friends from Atlanta, Dave and Steve.  We met them last year on the bear cruise to Alaska.  They were in town for Harrison. 

Not long ago, it occured to me that I have lived in SF over two years now and I have not actually seen much of it.  So, I picked up the guide book "Stairway Walks in San Francisco" by Adah Bakalinsky.  So this morning, we took "Walk 19:  Corona Heights".  (But thanks for the zoo invite low_fat_muffin  and Dr. Goldberg.)  The houses along Park Hill and Buena Vista were beautiful.  Not that we can afford anything like that.  Sigh.  I did not even know I lived that close to Beaver St.  Anyway, a great walk and the doggies were exhausted!
5:58 pm
Friends Are Forever
Saturday night we saw the fantastic play "Friends are Forever" at NCTC.  Congrats to Muffinman, low_fat_muffin , on his San Francisco debut role!  And congrats to Tom W. Kelly, the playwright.  He wrote a very funny play based on the sex lives of three couples.  I haven't laughed that much in a long time.  The acting was great.  And an oddity for NCTC, there was no nudity, except for one well filled out leather jockstrap.  So, no frontal nudity.  Bob and Leo played one of the couples to perfection.  They were of course the bears.  They sometimes reminded me of Michael and myself.  It wasn't until after the play that I noticed the transformation/evolution of the relationships of the three couples.  So, if you get a chance, go see this play.  You will be happy you did.  

Afterwards, Bob, Dr. Goldberg, Leo, Michael, myself and Allan, the stage manager, I think, all went to Cav for drinks and nosh.  It took quite a while to get seated, but after that, the service was great.  I had my first Muscat wine.  Very good, sweet and fruity, like most of us at the table. 
Monday, August 25th, 2008
9:08 pm
The Shows Did Go On
 Michael,  sfleatherbear and I have spent a lot of time in theaters the past week or so.  Here is a summary:

1)  2boys.tv  at NCTC.  This was a couple of performance artists from Montreal.  What is French-Canadian for crap?  I know, 2boys.t v.  50 minutes of bad lip sinking to snips of All About Eve and other movies.  And a naked wolf man.   Not nearly as good as it sounds.  Then they had a question and answer session which informed us that the whole thing was based on guilt, not the guilt that the performance was crap, but just basic guilt.  Later we found out that there was a first act, but it wasn't working so they scrapped it and threw in the q&a as filler.  The first act was worse than what they performed?  OMG!

2)  The Drowsy Chaperone at the Orpheum Theatre.  This was one of the best shows and best performances I have seen in a long, long time.  But of course 1920/30's musical comedies always work for me.  Poor Georgia Engel.  She will always be Georgette.  It was interesting that the strongest applause was for the one character who did not sing nor dance, Man in Chair.  While every one was dead on, the Drowsey Chaperone, Nancy Opel, was fantastic.  And the misplaced Chinese number was perfect.  Especially when the dejected characters moped as they had to leave the stage.  Wonderful.

3)  Oh My Godmother at the Zeum Theatre.  This was a very good gay take on Cinderella.  Scott Phillips as the fairy Godmother was superb.  Lisa Otterstetter, playing one of the stepsisters, was great in voice and form.  Steve Yates while being a very good acter and singer, is my daddy fantasy.  I had only one quibble with the performance, and this comes from dating a professional costumer for two years.  When a line in the play and the lines in a song keep referring to the main character wearing overalls, in the present tense, shouldn't the main character actually be wearing overalls? Also, while I loved the play, the two "teenagers" that fall in love, knew way too many references to gay culture of the past.  How many kids today would even know who Angela Landsbery was, let lone what she won her four Tony's for?  

Anyway, a very good show.

4)  Tom Orr in "I Feel A Thong Coming On!" at NCTC.  I have never seen one of Tom's show's, well other than "Take Me Out" and various things at 42nd Street Moon.  It was filthy, witty and very enjoyable.  He did have problems with his own music, sometimes having to repeat a passage three or four times before he could get through the whole thing.  Attention whore is putting it lightly.  As much as I liked his lyrics and his voice was fine, and I can't believe I would ever say this, but the nudity was very forced and actually took away from the performance.  Not that Tom is not a nice looking man and has a lot to be proud of, but it just did not work.  Maybe if he gave the audience a shorter peak rather than an entire number, it would have worked for me.  But we had fun anyway.  

5)  Finally was Big Eden.  This is a movie we saw with Dr. Goldberg and the Muffinman, low_fat_muffin at the Muffin Manor.    If you like sort of sappy gay love stories, then this is for you.  I loved it.  The Goldberg and the Levy were not impressed, but the Muffin and I loved it.  No, it did not make sense completely, but it made as much sense was a lot of straight love stories.  

This coming weekend we will see Tom Kelly's "Friends Are Forever."  The ever lovely Low_Fat and the studly Mr. Leo, two pieces of serious eye candy, are performing at NCTC.   If you get a chance, please go see this play.  

But even if you don't go out to see this show, see something.  There is a lot of great theater in San Francisco.  But just not not 2boys.TV.

Sunday, August 17th, 2008
10:29 pm
For Your Eyes Only
Well, I finally went for an eye exam yesterday.  I went to "For Your Eyes Only."  I know the name did not sound promising, but it was very close to my house and was on the list of places covered by my insurance.  It turns out to be a really neat, clean and professional business.  Dr. Alex Lukens and his staff did a great job.  Anyway, it has been over two years since I had my eyes checked out.  Being diabetic I should have it done each year.  Last week I noticed that my right eye did not focus correctly, so it was time to get a checkup.  Thank god the test with the puff of air to the eyeball is gone and has been replaced with a big blue light.  Much easier to take.  

So what I found out was that I am not a good candidate for Lasik.  My lens are too flat as it is and Lasik will only flatten them more, interfering even more with my night vision.  So, I will probably not go that route.  My eyes are in good shape, except for one thing.  I have cateracts in both eyes; the worst one in the right eye, hence the fuzziness in that eye.  In a way this is a good thing.  When I finally have the surgery to remove the cateracts, they can replace the lens in my eyes and correct for my natural nearsightedness.  (At least vision-wise.)  So, I could get similar results to the Lasik.  Though it will be a little scary observing my eyesight gradually fade over time until it is bad enough for surgery.  

I know that with eye problems, cateracts are relatively low-grade problems these days, but still, I have that little fear in the back of my mind that if I loose more of my eyesight, I might not get it back.  

I am just getting use to the concept, so no drama yet. 
Sunday, August 10th, 2008
10:59 pm
The Weekend that Was
 Great weekend.  Had delicious dinner with sfleatherbear, low_fat_muffin, Dr. Goldberg, Leo and out of town friends of Bob's at Sauce.  I had the "Mac and Cheese" with chicken.  More of an alfredo and out of this world!  I even had a drink before dinner, a Shark: ice tea, lemon ade and vodka.  I don't drink, but that was good.  Michael was his extra bubbly self as was Leo and Bob.  I have such great friends!  

On Saturday was a pool party at the fantastic house of Laurie and Stephanie in Alamo.  They seem to be channelling the spirit of Mrs. Winchester as the building goes on and on, but no blind staircases or trap doors as of yet.  

And today we had dinner with our friend David at the California Pizza Kitchen and we finally went to see Wall-E.  Great movie.  Truely original and I can't wait to see it again.  A minute or two into the movie and I completely forgotten that it was animated.  It was both bleak and uplifting at the same time.  And being the geek I am, robots in love will always tug at my heart.  But now I will be even more paranoid about being fat, which is probably a good thing.   I will have to buy the movie when it comes out and watch every commentary track that comes with the DVD.  My hubby with hate it, but I obsess that way with DVD's.  Like I did for Beowolf a couple of weeks ago.  I actually liked the movie, and not just because Beowolf was HOT, but as always, it certainly did not hurt.  

Week of actually a  couple of unscheduled nights off before square dancing and theater take over.    

Have a great week all.
Friday, August 8th, 2008
8:33 am
Hex Night at Foggy City
Last night was mainstream level hex dancing with Foggy City Dancers.  Lee Griffiths was calling.  I think we were dancing West Coast style as opposed to East Coast.  (I did not even know there was a difference. But I now know that the ever lovely Mr. Eyler is largely responsible for the West Coast style!)  It was fun and we actually had more than enough people for a "square" at 7:30, but not quite enough for a second square.  We traded out so everyone could dance.  Well except for Rusty, who had a bum toe from a Florida accident.    Anyway, he should be up and dancing by the A/C weekend in September.  

Had attendance from almost every club in the area, even ECR.  Thanks Lorenzo!  Our biggest problem was remembering who were heads and sides, but other than that, it went very well.  Can't wait to try dancing A2 hexes at the A/C weekend!

Great job Lee!

Current Mood: ecstatic
Wednesday, August 6th, 2008
11:51 am
Had a great  dinner with Mike Holland and my hubby.  We went to Blue and had the Gourmet Mac and Cheese.  So yummy.  Then hubby and I came home, hubby to his computer and me to watch a Kate Clinton 25th anniversary concert on TV.  I just love her.  She was one of the first lesbian comedian's I encountered when I was coming out.  Heck, she was one of the first gay comedian's I ever came across.  So to hear her distinct cadence and doing old and new material was great.  Kind of nostalgic.  

I actually met her in P-town many years ago after a March on Washington in the early 90's.  I had a horrific sunburn on my back and shoulders, from the beach not the march, but managed to put on a shirt to go to her concert anyway.  After her act, she came down through the audience and clasped my shoulder and patted me on the back.  My partner at the time, the late, great Victor Estevez, thought I was going to scream on the spot.  I didn't, but tears actually did come to my eyes.  Then we had to go home to separate the shirt from my skin.  

Ah memories!   
10:29 am
Sad News Update

Peter passed away last week, on his 93rd birthday.  He had worked at the lab since 1969!  I have barely been alive that long, born 1966, let alone work in one place that long!  I haven't lived on one place that long.   (My grandfather will be 97 this month!  He is not all there anymore, but I think that has more to due with him being trapped in the nursing home rather than his age.  He has nothing to do all day.  Hmm, which is the more horrible way to go?  Damage, coma, death or slow unending boredom, atrophy and death?)  

Peter definitely was driven.  But he seems to have had no close family; his work was his life.  I know I don't want my learning/working to be at that extreme.  I want a life too.  (Actually a life without the hassles of actually working would be perfect!)  

But probably the concept of Balance is the thought here.   I will miss him, but at least he has moved on; he was done here.     Sigh.   

Current Mood: contemplative
Friday, August 1st, 2008
5:36 pm
Sad News from Work
I work in Berkeley.  At the lab, we had an emeritus researcher, Peter Huang.  He is 93 years old and looks all his 93 years.  His skin is paper thin, he is bent like a question mark and he walks with a slow shuffle.  He is a astrophysicist and a heavy duty researcher who used the library at least two times a week.  He is a very nice guy, insistant when he wanted something, even tracking me down at lunch to get him something, but generally nice just the same.  He was the kind of researcher I love to work with.  He only came to me when he could not find something and was so appreciative when I found what he was looking for.   Though we have a lot of journals online, he did not like to use them, so about half the time, I was able to find what he was looking for through one of our subscriptions or via Google.  I would just print off the article and he would light up when I found something for him quickly.

I always figured that I would find him sitting in the library having passed away during one of his evening research sessions. I had noticed that he had not been in since May and figured that he either took a trip home to China or had passed away.  He was 93.  But what happened was much worse.  

There have been a string of violent robberies in Berkeley against older people.  The three known victims all were at least 75 years or older.  One victim died yesterday.  Another, a 75 year old woman who received a broken hip and arm, recovered enough to testify against the 21 year old monster that had done this to them.  And the little psychopath did not even have any remorse for what he did.  He attacted Peter in early May, robbing him of travelers checks and ~$350 and leaving him badly beaten and laying in a pool of his own blood.  Peter did survive, but has been in a coma ever since and is now back in China with his family.  

I don't have any profound statements to make about humankind.  I just needed to write this down.  I feel so sorry for what he went through.  He is the kind of person that made my work worth doing.  I will miss him very, very much.      
Thursday, July 31st, 2008
10:02 pm
Beyond Vanilla
Tonight at the Foggy City Dancers Club Night, Fen Tamanaha called for us.  His calling was great as always.  It was titled "Beyond Vanilla."  It was Mainstream and Plus DBD.  It's always fun and educational to see formations from a different perspective and to really dance by definition.  It's hard sometimes, but fun.  

We are so lucky to have so many good callers in the SF area.  (Too bad I will be missing Allan H. on Sunday.)  And we even had my hubby and Howard Richmond from NY dancing with us tonight!  Howard will be calling a dance for ECR this Saturday, so if you have the time, please go and enjoy his calling.  And he is not bad to look at either, not that such things matter to me.  : ) 

Current Mood: sleepy
8:35 am
A2 Is Good Enough for Now
 Had a great night dancing A2 with Lee Griffiths calling last night.  Challenging but not insane.  Lee is already a good caller and someday soon, he will be great!

Why is it once you have obtained a level, sorry, a program, of dancing, in my case A2, that people start pulling/pushing you towards the next level?  I am a mediocre A2 dancer.  I recognize that about myself.  I am not being overly critical, I just graduated not too long ago and need more practice.  I tend to take a year or so to get solid at a level before moving on.  I have danced with way too many people who moved on when they did not have the basics down yet, or even Mainstream.  While I do injoy the challenge of dancing, I also just like the dancing itself.  I like to have fun and don't feel the need to press on to C4 immediately.  I also don't want to burn out this early in the game, as I am seeing in some of the more driven dancers. 

So, I will stay at A for this next year.  I can angel the next A class, if they have one, and solidify my skills.  When I start getting bored with A2, then it will time to move on.  If MNS is not offering C1 next year, oh well.  I will just need to dance to callers who can make even such a relatively "low" level interesting.  

Current Mood: determined
Wednesday, July 30th, 2008
9:09 am
Happy, Happy Birthday placeintheheart

Current Mood: jubilant
Sunday, July 27th, 2008
7:46 pm
Dore Alley
 What a great day!  After I got out my Foggy City Dancers announcements this morning, had brunch at Octavia with my hubby sfleatherbear, the very handsome bukephalus, the ever yummy low_fat_muffin and a very hot Leo, all decked out in leather, bestill my beating heart!  

Then we were off to Dore Alley.  While being cold and breezy, I was kilted today, I still had the best time.  For the first time in the past two years, neither Michael nor I were volunteering for anything and we could just enjoy the fair.  Met a lot of friends there, hope I don't miss any: dr_scott, and  excessor; Brandon, Steve M., Gary C., Steve H., Todd and Frank, markosf, nanocub, airporter, lggriffiths; labeartorycub, Tony and Chris, John, the naked Gary and Bob, an Aaron from Austin, bigjohnsf, and Gwen and Burt from San Diego and a very cute friend of theirs.   And Tom Kelly was working the Bear Beer Booth, along with the leathered Leo.  Wooooof!

I am so glad to get to see nanocub again.  I miss his company so much.  And I am really glad to finally get to know airporter better.  Such a handsome man and seeing him packed into a latex singlet, leather collar, and come-fuck-me boots was a site to behold.   Sigh.

Then nanocub, hubby, airporter and I had dinner at Sausage Factory and gelato at Naia.  

Now, Michael has gotten back from kitty sitting duty for a friend, and we are watching a shark themed Mythbusters.  

What a very happy day!  Thanks to all my friends and new  acquaintances for such a great day!

Sunday, July 20th, 2008
9:54 pm
Hubby Home
My hubby is finally home and has just gone to bed, which I will be doing shortly. He had a great time in Miami. The music was fantastic, the hotel and so called service sucked.  But he had fun anyway.  We just got back from dinner and ice cream with Jeff, the kilted Paul, Dr. Goldberg, low_fat_muffin, and the Muffin's stage boyfriend, Leo. Great group of guys. The conversations just kept going with barely a lull.  (My brain does not work that quickly these days, either old age or the meds or both, so I mainly sit and witness the rapidfile conversations without a whole lot of input on my part.  But they are wonderful to behold.)  

I have met so many truely interesting and sweet men here in SF.  Not that there were not interesting and sweet guys in KC, but they are so much easier to find here.  There are the scarey ones too, like the one who finds my limp a little hot.  But that makes this place of cold fog in July a truely interesting place to live. 
Good night.   A busy week ahead.  
7:25 am
Hubby returns to the nest!
My hubby went off to Miami for the GALA conference the Friday before last. Today, ~5:20 PM, he arrives back in SF!!! I admit it has been nice having my own schedule and being able to do what I want to, when I want to, and being able to accept/not accept invitations on a whim and not having to coordinate schedules (I love being selfish at times). low_fat_muffin , Dr. Goldberg, and Leo and I had a great time at the DeYoung and the Kabuki baths, playwright extraordinaire Tom Kelly and I had a productive teacher/student evening, and a friend and I went out to dinner last night to Slow Food, a great restaurant. I was fortunate to have a table of bears sitting in front of me, so the atmosphere was delightful.

But with all that, I can't wait to get sfleatherbear back in my arms and into our bed. Tonight is dinner with low_fat_muffin , Dr. Goldberg, Paul, Jeff and the ever cute Leo. Then tomorrow, the real world crashes in and we will be back to our regular routine with work, committee meetings, chorus stuff, and square dancing. But besides his yummy self, Michael is bringing back a week's vacation in Vancouver as a honeymoon for the both of us! (We got married in Vancouver last November but have not really taken that trip that is just for the two of us.)

So this morning and afternoon is my last moments of me-time and it will be spent cleaning, washing dogs, and other activities to make my hubby's return as stress-free as possible.
7:23 am
Happy Birthday Dr. Scott!!!
 Sorry for the lateness of this greeting, but Happy Birthday dr_scott
Sunday, July 13th, 2008
4:39 pm
A Saturday of Culture and Relaxation
 Had a great time exterday with low_fat_muffin  , Dr. Goldberg and the adorable Leo, Muffin's stage husband.   We started off with lunch at Stacks.  (For some reason it never occured to me that it would be a breakfast-centric.  I am a bit dense at times.)  So, of course I had the bbq pork sandwich with fries.  We shared a blueberry smoothie.  All very tasty.  Bob had the Lumberjack Stacks.  (For all those SF lumberjacks.)  Should have been called the Bear-In-Training Special.  Three HUGE pancakes.  Enought carbs to power a street car.  These are the kind my grandmother made for the threshing crews in the 30's and 40's and never learned to make portions smaller for people not farming a 1000 acres. 

Anyway, a great meal.  Then off to the DeYoung to check out the Chihuly exhibit.  (Well after we manage to track down Leo at the museum.  Someone should really invent some sort of small portable communications device for such situations.)   The glasswork was phenominal!  The colors and forms were quirky with a largely botanical theme.  There were beautiful giant mutated carnivous-looking flower arrangements; a room of large mishapened  bowls that were glorious to behold; a boat of fantastic glass orbs and  a boat of what looked to be cast offs from other projects;  large forms that looked like fall leaves floating in water; a room of woven basket inspired pieces; and several of the huge hanging pieces he is known for.  My favorite was an orange and blue number that looked like a potentially deadly larva.   Another was an ice-blue star burst that looked like it belonged in the Fortress of Solitude.  And at the end was a really neat garden/shore line of plant insprired pieces that devied gravity.  A fantastic display you should go out and see.

Then we went to the Kabuki baths.  Backward farmboy that I am, I had never been to a public bath before.  The steam and the soaking was just what I needed.  I will have to get my hubby, sfleatherbear, to go and take in the waters and get a massage.  It would do him a world of good.

We ended our evening with dinner at the Muffin Penthouse.  Dr. Goldberg and I took Miss Kate out for a run.  We thought it was going to be a walk, but she had other ideas and wanted to take a much more expansive tour than we had time for.  Bob prepared a great beef stew that was enjoyed by everyone.   

So, thank you Bob for thinking of this.
Friday, July 11th, 2008
9:56 am
 Today my hubby sfleatherbear  leaves for GALA in Miami.  He will be gone through next Sunday.  I miss him already.  But I hope he has a great time and has a great performance.  If you are going, definately see the SFGMC HMS Metaphore.  Very good righting, singing and acting.   
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